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Your best choice as value added distributor of Server, Storage, & Solutions!

As the first pan-european Super Micro solution provider we are represented in 6 countries and still growing. We offer more than just box moving, on top of the hardware we offer enterprise business consultancy and enterprise on-site support. A centralized support team manages all technical questions and interventions.

Our customers are mostly system integrators who rely on our services to deliver their solution to the end-users, without having to worry about hardware support or commercially being bypassed by the vendor. We do not offer an online configurator, since we believe our sales team listens to our customers to provide you the correct server based on your needs, avoiding to drag you to specific platforms.

We are able to offer custom made pre- and after sales in various areas such as virtualization, storage, connectivity, servers, ... real built-to-order services and custom branding for each customer as logo's, bezels, manuals, boxes, ....

Your {Built-to-Order} Partner for Server & Storage Solutions

We offer a wide range of server solutions. Our main focus is built-to-order customers, OEM branding, long-time production, and our HiQ branded series. All our servers are delivered with 3-years all-included warranty and optional pan-european on-site warranty up to 24x7x4

If you need 1TB or 512PT we are able to offer you the perfect fit for your business needs. Based on Supermicro we offer a range of low-end to high end storage building blocks.

Based on our building blocks and high-end server components we are able to offer a range of high-available solutions which can be used as foundation of your cloud environment for today and be ready for tomorrow.