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Your Partner For Built-To-Order Server and Storage Solutions

Server Storage Solutions (S3S for short) delivers to system integrators who rely on our services to deliver their solution to the end-users, without having to worry about hardware support or commercially being bypassed by the vendor. We offer the best solutions for your specific server and/or storage demands.

We are able to offer custom pre-made and after sales in various areas, such as virtualization, storage, connectivity and servers. We also make real built-to-order services and quality custom branding for each customer such as logos, bezels, manuals, boxes and much more...


Don't just choose, build your own

Thanks to our official partnerships we offer a wide range of server solutions. Our main focus is built-to-order customers, OEM-branding and longtime productions. All our servers come with 3-year all-included warranty and an optional on-site warranty up to 24/7.

As best in our field we deliver perfectly crafted devices to suit your needs.


Super Micro Server Inc. solutions covers a broad range of applications across world-class data center, cloud service providers, large scalable server farms, scientific and research supercomputing clusters, businesses with complex computing requirements, industrial applications, medical equipment and digital security and surveillance. Combining 20 years of advance engineering experience with efficient production and integration expertise to develop first-to-market computing solutions.


Quanta Computer Inc. provides servers to cloud datacenters worldwide, they provide servers, storage, network switches and integrated rack systems. Providing hyperscale performance, efficiency and advanced engineering with a flexible product configuration, rack integration, performance tuning and engineering consulting services to help you optimize your cloud solutions.


Server Storage Solutions founded in 2004 is specialized in Built-To-Order servers based both on Supermicro as Quanta Computer. Next to custom assembly of machines we offer customization of service labels, branded boot screens, branded bezels and custom packaging. Our customers are looking for extended lifetime support and production availability, customer defined testing and proprietary software installation services.

You can take a look at our products in our brand new webshop. Or you can contact us to make a custom order built for you needs.
Our professionals will be glad to assist you.



How much do you need?

Do you need 1TB or 512PT? File level or block level? SAN or NAS? Unified or dedicated?

We are able to offer you a perfect fit for your business needs. Based on our brands and partners we can offer a wide range from “Low-End” to “High-End” storage building blocks. We are known for pioneering with SSD and we can also deliver hybrid.

Not only are we able to offer this, we also make sure you have the possibility to expand whenever you want.



Innovation is at our core at S3S.
Since 2011 working with high-end SSD.



A Market-leading operating system for storage. It's a smart filesystem and has infinite scalability.


Complete solutions which fit your needs? Leave it to us!

Based on our building blocks and high-end server components we are able to offer a range of high-available solutions which can be used as foundation of your cloud environment for today and be ready for tomorrow. In today’s industry everybody is looking for solutions which fit their needs and has no limit.

We work high-level, transparent and customer-oriented.

We are working on some case studies that show how we can bring you complete solutions together with our partners.

(this page is under construction, more info soon)


Professional services by specialized people

In order to make the right choice, it's nice to talk to other people to help you design complicated solutions based on your needs.

We listen to your requirements, we listen to your concerns, business goals and potential. We want to be that trusted advisor to fully understand how can complement your business.

Based on your desired wish of service level agreement, we offer a wide range of customer oriented service contracts.

Complicated installations may demand a certain level of proven concept, we offer this as a service in our pre-sales.


Proud of our customers & proud of our work

Our references represent our quality and high-level products & services.
Our customers are professional companies who desire solutions and custom built products from a company who cares about their needs.

Our references-page is being updated as we speak

(this page is under construction, more info soon)


"Server Storage Solutions, how can we help?"


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